“ To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

My name is Fatima Aun, an avid traveller and amateur photographer from Bahrain, a tiny island in the Arabian Gulf.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for travelling, but due to my back to back undergraduate and graduate studies I couldn’t travel much. Now, after finishing my studies, I started exploring the world. Travel is a passion that I live to pursue, not just for the purpose of the go but for the love of learning, exploring and defining myself through the people I meet and the experiences I live.

Le Voyage´is a where I share my trips, tips, places on my bucket list, photos, thoughts and many more. 


33 responses to “About”

  1. Rupali says :

    The name of your blog is fantastic and so the blog, I love it.
    Happy Blogging

  2. Suyash Chopra says :

    Thanks for following my blog. Its so interesting to find that our interests match. Your photos are really very colorful and beautiful.

    Looking forward to read more of your adventures and travels. Have a good time globe trotting. Enjoy…

  3. Veena says :

    Such gorgeous pictures, the wanderlust in me will be fulfilled vicariously through your posts and experiences! Glad to discover your blog!

  4. goannasnake says :

    I love travel tales. I look forward to reading more of yours.

  5. Life In Camelot says :

    Thank you for liking my recent post Fatima. I also love the name of your blog and look forward to reading more about your expensive hobby.


    • Fatima says :

      My pleasure, your posts are amazing and looking forward to reading more of them. Thank you dear 💐 Have a wonderful day.

  6. Still Times says :

    Hi Fatima, thank you for leading me to your blog. I too love your blog name and chuckled as soon as I read what your blog was about. My first thought was, “yep, it’s expensive alright”. Great choice. Looking forward to perusing your blog further and joining in your journeys through our blogosphere world. Cheers! Maria

    • Fatima says :

      Thank you so much Maria, I’m glad you liked the name. You have an amazing blog and looking forward to reading about your adventures and get to know more about China.

  7. bojan131 says :

    Hey Fatima,

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award: http://somegoodeats.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/liebster-award/.



  8. Ahmed says :

    Great blog 🙂 very useful travel and photography documentation

  9. bojan131 says :

    Hey Fatima, how are things in Bahrain now? I know the media paints a picture that suggests there are protests on every street corner but I’d like to hear the perspective from an actual Bahraini.



    • Fatima says :

      Hi Bojan, things are very stable with almost no protests at all. We just finished our new parliament elections and things are going great. Life is normal and Honestly I get surprised when I see the news about Bahrain! Most pictures used are backdated to 2-3 years back! Media is unfirtunately coming up with all kinds of propagandas! It’s a shame that they are ruining the reputation and the image of a lovely and peaceful country like Bahrain. We Bahrainis lost trust in so many media channels after their biased coverage of what’s happening! They were and still are focusing on a small group of terrorists who are funded by a foreign country and showcasing them as the majority of Bahrainis which’s not true! We were shocked more when many channels refused to listen to our voice or report our part of the story! Bahrain was and will always be a country of a unique mix of all religions peacefully living together for ages which we are so proud of but some people want to disturb our community! Which was in shock in Feb 2011 becuase of the way the media helped a small group of terrorists with their plot! However, it was just during feb 2011 to maybe jun 2011 where there was unrest. Then things started going to normal and criminals got trialed for their crimes against expats, policemen and other innocent citizens. After 2011 there were some attacks by these terrorists targeting policemen. In addition to burning tyres and throwing some Molotov cocktails at police cars but now things are undercontrol and these attacks are extermely rare and very limited to specific areas which are far from the city centre. So I assure you that Bahrain is stable, peaceful and welcoming. Now since the weather start getting better, There are so many tourists visiting. So we hope to welcome you in Bahrain soon. Cheers, Fatima

      • bojan131 says :

        Hi Fatima,

        That was exactly the impression I have. I saw on Al Jazeera that most of the coverage on the recent elections contained stock footage from the protests a few years ago. Bahrain is a relatively liberal with a stable economy and young population, so it seems like quite a nice country. I have read about the religious tolerance in Bahrain and that many different communities live there in relative harmony. Some groups like to undo the fabric that holds stable societies together but it seems that they did not succeed in Bahrain.

        Thank you very much for your insight, it was both intelligent and interesting to read. I would love to visit Bahrain!



      • Fatima says :

        Indeed, Thank you so much Bojan. We would love to have here in Bahrain. Have a wonderful day.

      • bojan131 says :

        You’re very welcome and enjoy your day too!

  10. topa says :

    Hi Fatima, thanks for stopping by on my blog! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  11. wingedprisms says :

    Lovely blog. Thank you so much for the visit. 😀
    cate b

  12. passionthroughpoetry says :

    Hi Fatima, thank you for being across my blog and for the follow. Good to be across yours too, Vonita 🙂

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