Low Wood Hotel – Lake District, UK


Last summer I stayed at Low Wood Bay Hotel for two nights in a luxury Suite.

The Hotel is perfectly located between Windermere and Ambleside. A 15 mins walk to Ambleside. The views were breathtaking. There’s a mini Harbour in front of the hotel, However, a busy road is separating the Hotel from the Harbour and can be hard to cross with all the speeding cars.

They have Spa and leisure club but I haven’t used any facilities except for the restaurant Cafe del Lago which was nice.

We were given a room at the back of the hotel. It was outdated but clean. However, there was a very strong smell in the hallway from the carpet.

Service was ok, nothing special. Upon check out I noticed that they charged me twice for an extra bed but when I showed them original reservation, they checked with reservation team and removed the extra charges.

Overall rating
6/10, not a value for money.

Will I stay again?
Simply, because there are many nicer hotels in the area and personally If I go again I will rent a cottage. I have seen amazing cottages but unfortunately due the peak season, they were all booked, so we had to go with Low Wood Hotel as it was the only hotel with availability.

I highly recommend booking a cottage few months in advance.

You can find great cottages on http://www.cumbrian-cottages.co.uk


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2 responses to “Low Wood Hotel – Lake District, UK”

  1. darwinontherocks says :

    It’s good to read about your experience at this place. We are planning to go to Lake district next summer, and I will remember to rent a cottage instead of a room ! 🙂

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