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So, I’m working on my 2015 travel plans, I know some of you might think it’s too early, but I like to plan ahead so I can manage my annual leave and have a rough idea how much it will cost me to manage my travel budget.

So far, I have decided to visit 3 new destinations in 2015. I’m considering Belgium and Luxembourg in May for 10 days. Egypt is also on 2015 list as I was planning to visit it in Dec 2014 but due to work commitment had to postpone it. Third destination is the dilemma, it’s either India (Kerla or Goa) or Turkey? What do you think any recommendations?

What about you? How do you usually plan your travels? Well Ahead or just before the trip?

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An avid Bahraini traveler, amateur photographer and the founder of Le Voyage´ Bahrain.

25 responses to “Where next?”

  1. goannasnake says :

    It’s never to early to plan your next holiday. We’re already booked to go to New Zealand in March.

    • Fatima says :

      True, I enjoy the planning part as much I enjoy travelling. Great, wishing you a wonderful trip to New Zealand and looking forward to your posts about it. 💐

  2. Dodette Marei says :

    How about Philippines!

  3. ojmeister says :

    I would absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Sumatra, specifically Freddie’s on the island of Pulau Weh for some serious island R&R, and On The Rocks in Bukit Lawang for some jungle trekking to see orangutans!!

  4. JoelF says :

    Beautiful photo, love this

  5. Melisa says :

    And I don’t see anywhere Czech Republic in you traveling plans 🙂
    I usually plan spontaneously, as due to work I cant plan ahead 🙂 Mel

    • Fatima says :

      The amazing Prague has been on my short list for a while but been waiting for a longer leave as I want to visit it with Vienne and Budapest. Yeah, it’s exciting to plan spontaneously too, you get the chance to learn about the country while you are travelling.

  6. angelinahue says :

    I don’t often plan leisure trips in advance unless they involve a group of people. I’ve not been in Luxembourg (and don’t plan to do so). I reckon you could readily spend 10 days exploring Belgium alone! I’ve not been to India but I would strongly recommend a visit to Istanbul – this is one of the most fascinating cities I’ve visited.

  7. darwinontherocks says :

    Oh this is crazy, I’m living in Belgium 😀 I know the place very very very well !!! I can recommend Bruges of course, you can easily spent two days over there, especially is you like architecture, museum and photography. Then Ghent, a full day is enough unless you want to visit museums. Then Brussel of course, for the iconic grand place and other famous landmarks of the capital. I would also head South, towards the French part to see more castle and citadelle. I would recommend Namur, the medieval town, with its citadelle and I know very good place to eat (I’m from Namur), Durbuy, one of the smallest town of Belgium and maybe Maredsous or another abbey to learn about the beer production in Belgium. As for Luxembourg, I would definitively recommend Vianden !

    • darwinontherocks says :

      Oh I forgot, if you come to Namur in may, there is an amazing festival : “Namur en mai” or in English, Namur in may (13-17 may 2015) and you can assist to a lot of free spectacles or for a small fee (more than 50 shows). Comedians, jugglers and acrobats are performing in the streets. It is awesome !

    • Fatima says :

      That’s great help, Thank you so muchhh. I’m planning to have Brussels as a base and go on day trips to Bruges, Gent, Antwerp, and one day trip to Numar and Dinant (if you can recomand a tour company would love to visit nearby villages like Durbuy). Is it worth it to spend a night in Dinant or I can easily do them both in one day? I will go to Luxemborge for a day trip as well. I’m spending 10 days in Belguim. For Bruges and Gent planning to visit them in weekend do u recommend it? Or it will be two crowded? Thanks a lot.

      • darwinontherocks says :

        From Brussel to Namur it’s between 45 min-1 hour train. Once you get there, if you want to climb the citadelle, visit the underground, the perfume maker, have drink on the top to see the panorama… a few hours can be spend very quickly over there. There are some thematic gardens, etc. So, going to Dinant afterwards, it will take you another 40-45 minutes by train (and you may have to wait for the train). And then again, climbing on top of the Citadelle.. etc. For me, Namur and Dinant are quite similar, it’s a city near the same river, with a citadelle, but less impressive. But there is a great cave to visit with amazing rock formation : han sur less (but it’s not in Dinant city center, you have to take another train). I don’t like dinant, it’s becoming a ghost town, all the shop are closing but I love the cave. Doing both is going to be a bit difficult without a car I think, because you only have 1 train per hour and public transport in Belgium are rubbish.

        Bruges and ghent are always busy, but during a weekend everything will be open so that’s good 🙂 It’s tricky if you don’t rent a car for Durbuy.. I can have a look to see if some tour companies offer a trip !

      • Fatima says :

        Great then will do Numar since it has much more to offer and as you suggested due to time limits it better to just do Numar. Thanks a lot dear, you helped me a lot.

      • darwinontherocks says :

        You are welcome ! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me ! 🙂

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