Short Break At Shangri La Bar Al Jissah Muscat, Oman

I wanted to celebrate my birthday differently this year so I decided to treat myself with a short break to Oman specifically at The Shangri La Bar Al Jissah Resort in Muscat.

حبيت احتفل بيوم ميلادي السنه غير فقررت أهدي روحي سفرة قصيرة لسلطنة عمان وبالتحديد منتجع الشنغريلا بر الجسة في مسقط

photo 1

 The resort is located approximately an hour away from Muscat International Airport and consist of 3 Hotels, Al Waha Hotel Which’s more Families and Kids Friendly, Al Bandar Hotel a more business luxury hotel which I stayed in and third is Al Husn, the most luxurious of the three and perfect for honeymooners and couples. All three hotels are connected and you can use all the resort facilities and restaurants except for Al Husn Hotel as its most facilities are only for its guests to maintain their privacy.

منتجع الشنغريلا بر الجسة يبعد تقريباً ساعة بالتاكسي عن مطار مسقط الدولي ويتكون من ثلاث فنادق . فندق الواحة والمخصص للعوائل والأطفال وفندق البندر اكثر لرجال الاعمال والعوائل الي بدون أطفال والثالث فندق الحصن المناسب للمتزوجين لان أكثرهم خصوصيه ورفاهيه. انا سكنت في فندق البندر. طبعا كل الفنادق مرتبطين ببعض وممكن تزور كل المرافق والمطاعم تبع اي فندق ماعدا مرافق فندق الحصن فقط للمقيمين فيه.

I opted for Al Bandar Deluxe Room, the room was well-appointed with lovely view.

حجزت غرفة ديلوكس، الغرفة كانت وسيعة ومرتبه وإلاطلالة حلوة.

The Room View – اطلالة الغرفة



The resort is huge and has a lot of facilities including a cultural city, stores, spa and a marina. Here are some pictures from the resorts

المنتجع فيه مرافق متنوعه من ابرزها القرية تراثيه, المحلات, السبا والمرينا






Chilling by the sea


The hotel also offers a complimentary trip to Muttrah Souq (A Traditional Omani Souq)

الفندق يوفر رحلات يومية مجانية لسوق مطرح

On our way to Muttrah – في طريقنا لسوق مطرح





After returning from Muttrah Souq, I was surprised with a cake! which was super cute!IMG_1044.JPG

 On my third day, I went for a Dolphin watching boat trip which’s one of the a variety of activities and water sports that the resort offers. The trip was extremely fun. I highly recommended it.

المنتجع يوفر الكثير من النشاطات والرياضات المائية, منها رحلة بالقارب لمشاهدة الدلافين وصراحة وايد استمتعنا فيها




Enjoying sweets and arabic coffee at my room balcony

photo 4

On the fourth and Last day, I spent it at the Spa and the treatments were amazing


Then it was time to say Goodbye to Oman, what a lovely country with the kindest people ever. It was my first visit to Oman but definitely not the last.



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  1. rsvendsen07 says :

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Melisa says :

    wow Fatima, this looks amazing 🙂 Great photos. Kiss, Mel

  3. Travelling Panda says :

    Oman is really on my shortlist as well…

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